Check Engine Light Diagnostic
We have the experience and equipment to solve your check engine light problem. Whether you need to pass your e-test, or you just want your vehicle running at it's best.
Brake Specialists
Do you hear noises or feel pulsation when braking? ABS or TRAC light on? Does your brake pedal feel too low? We can handle it!
Suspension & Steering
Do you hear clunks, squeaks or rattle from your vehicle. We can fix problems incl. ball joints, control arms, tie rod ends, bushings, shocks & struts, power steering pumps, racks, etc.
Wheel Alignments
Is your vehicle pulling to one side, or do you have uneven tire wear? Is your steering wheel off centre? Our laser alignment system can prolong your tire life and have you driving straight down the road.
Heating & Air Conditioning
We have the expertise and equipment to diagnose and repair your air conditioning or heating system. Make your car more comfortable to ride in again!
Computer Diagnostics
We are well equipped to diagnose the cause of any warning lights, driveability or electrical issues your car may be having and fix them properly.
Maintenance Services
Oil Changes, Fluid Flushes, Spark Plugs, Timing Belts, etc. - We provide the services which extend the life of your car, while protecting your warranty.
What type of tire will suit my vehicle and driving habits? Which brand? Winter, summer, run flat? We have the training and expertise to help you make the right decision.
Cooling Systems
Whether you have a coolant leak, overheating, or just need an antifreeze flush, we can diagnose and repair your cooling system problem.
Driveline Services
Engine issues? Transmission not shifting properly? 4WD not engaging? You can count on us to diagnose and repair it right the first time!
Trouble starting your vehicle? Have to boost your car? Unexplained electrical gremlins? Our state of the art computer diagnostic equipment can pinpoint the issue.
Exhaust Systems
Is your vehicle sounding louder than it used to? Do you smell exhaust while driving? We can make your car sound the way it was meant to sound.
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